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Special Recognition


Josiah Quigley

#9 Class of 2017


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Jordan Abner '06

Askari Adams ‘95
Charlie Adams ‘98
Marc Alexander ‘81

Brett Basehore '04
Ron Beible ‘72
William Beible ‘69
Nick Berra ‘87
Corey Bischof '04
Pat Bowen ‘78

Wyatt Bowman ,04
David Bretz ‘72
Bill Brown ‘69
Matt Brymesser '91
Brian Bullock ‘83

Tim Burke '97
Tom Bushman '92
Mike Cesarano '02
Four Chapman ‘83
Joe Coldren ‘61
John Colarusso ‘83
Tony Colistra ‘89

Andrew Consevage '11
Rod Coy ‘78
Mike Crum ‘78
Don Deckman ‘56

Jeremy DiPietro '12
Sean Dougherty ‘01
Michael Dugas ‘85
Jared Ebersole '01

Mike Ford '78

Dave Forney ‘56
Mike Frenette ‘09

Kyle Friend '12
Travis Friend '10
Gary Fritz ‘78
Charles Gaetano ‘69
Ron Gaetano ‘64
Mike Gaumer ‘93
Stan Gelbaugh ‘81

Lance Geesey '12
Jeff Gill ‘83

Tyler Guise '08
Cory Gumby ‘93
Bob Hare ‘57
Trevor Harmon '10
Dave Heckard ‘96

Tyler Heisey '14
Bubba Heisler ‘05
Bill Henschke ‘68
Greg Herrold ‘06
Wayne Hertzler ‘77
Mike Hodge ‘88
Mark Hull ‘78
Dan Hurley ‘69
Sam Kinback ‘93

Colton Kirkpatrick '11
Scott Klinger ‘60
Kelly Kramer ‘85
Andy Krosnowski ‘81
Ed Lauer ‘60

Joe Lauer '99
Dan Lawlor '04
Kevin Lawlor ‘00
Jerold Lebold ‘85

Matt Lengel '09
Rick Lingle '72

Connor Long '16
Brad Mangle ‘76
Mike McCarthy ‘00
Brandon McKillip ‘93
John McKissick ‘81

Darrell McMillan '70
Dave Mengle ‘75
Buck Mentzer ‘60

Chad Miller ‘89
Mike Miszerack ‘75
Brandon Morris '09
Andy Moses ‘00
Dave Murphy ‘81
George Myers ‘58
Jesse Neumeyer ‘00
Andy Notarfrancesco ‘96
Chris Notarfrancesco ‘91
Craig Odiorne '96
Chris O’Neill ‘92
Josh Oswalt ‘04
Tommy Page ‘78
Randy Parsons ‘73
Roy Peffer ‘59
Damon Phelan ‘85
Ray Picking ‘72
Carl Pizzaro '75
Matt Plessinger ‘91
Brian Potteiger ‘93
Frank Potteiger ‘57

Josiah Quigley '17
Jim Rich ‘72
Jon Ritchie ‘93
Bob Roberts ‘58
Dave Rowe ‘78
Jason Rubin '92
Charley Ruth ‘78
Mick Sadler '94
Jeremy Salmon '13
Erik Sauve’ ‘90
James Sauve’ ‘90
Jeff Sauve’ ‘91
Jeremy Sauve’ ‘96
Jon Sauve’ ‘00
Eric Sawyer '11
William Saylor ‘59
Ken Sgrignoli ‘58
John Sharbaugh ‘02
Zach Sheaffer '04
Ralph Shires ‘83
Kevin Snyder '11
​Tim Spinelli '15
Neil Stamy ‘90
Brandon Stanford ‘02
Larry Stanford ‘99
Art Thomas ‘99
Chris Thomas '02
William Thumma ‘58
Tyler Updegraff '14
Jake Wagner ‘62
Dan Walsh ‘00
Dino Webster ‘86
Ron Wentz ‘58
Steve Wiles ‘86
Todd Williams '80
Lance Woodell ‘80
Daniel Zorger ‘97
Ron Audo
John Bates
Harold Bricker
Joe Carr
Harry Chapman III
Joe Correal
Robert Crobak
Jim Fry

Levi Mumma
Gary Quigley
Tim Rimpfel
Samuel Sanzotto
Dave Stewart
Ken Woodhall

Tyler played and lettered for the Eagles in the fall of '11, '12 and '13 as a fullback, linebacker and long snapper.  He was someone who earned everything through hard work and was an example of what a CV football player stood for: grit, determination, and toughness.  Tyler was a great teammate and a strong leader.

After graduation, Tyler attended Dickinson College where he played linebacker and earned a Bachelor's degree.  He pursued his Master's at the University of Arkansas and began a career in sports administration.  After two years in Arkansas, Tyler returned to PA as a financial analyst  and a football coach at Dickinson. Recently, he accepted a position at Susquehanna University as the Director of Athletic Fundraising and will also serve as an assistant defensive football coach.  Tyler's plans for his future include becoming an Athletic Director at the college level.

Coach Levi Mumma

2002 - 2018

In 1971, Tim played on the very first Cumberland Valley Midget Football team (Pony Division) under coaches Don Heiges, Ken Scrignoli, George Myers, and Larry Hall.  He remained committed to youth football and has been a volunteer coach for 39 years (35 with CV and 4 with Carlisle).  Tim was president of the CV Midget Football Association for 10 years and an active board member for more than two decades.  He is also a member of the CFA Hall of Fame and serves on the Board of the Cumberland Valley Football Alumni Association. 

Tim is honored to have coached 36 current members of the CV Football Hall of Fame plus this year's two new incoming recipients.  He is also proud to have coached two young players who went on to play in the National Football League.

Tim and long-time partner, Laurie Wellman, have four Cumberland Valley graduates, one son and three daughters.  They also are proud grandparents to four grandsons and three granddaughters, two of which are currently enrolled in Cumberland Valley schools.

Tim would like to offer thanks to his family, all his fellow coaches and their families, and all his friends for giving him the opportunity to become part of both the Cumberland Valley and the Central Pennsylvania football communities.









Honoring the 1972 Team

Class of 1973


Josiah played and lettered for the Eagles in the fall of '15, and '16 as a fullback and linebacker.  He has fond memories of blocking the CD East field goal that sent the Eagles to Districts — where the Cumberland Valley won against Central Dauphin in record-setting seven overtimes!  Josiah was always a role model both on and off the field.  He believes in just being a good person and doing good things for other people.

Josiah has joined the Air National Guard and will finish his Supply Chain Management degree from Shippensburg University in the fall of 2023.  He is kept very busy with all of these challenges but has still found time to do a lot of traveling across the U.S.


Special Recognition


Tim Cramer, Sr

CVFAA 2021 Special Recognition

... current members

Tim Cramer is a Cumberland Valley afficionado with a relentless dedication to Eagles Football.  Tim graduated from CV in 1978 and as of now has been employed at Carlisle Construction Materials for 44 years – he plans to retire in March of 2023.

Russ Trimmer
Sam Sanzotto

Joe Carr

Bob Bowers
Harry Chapman, III
Dr. Gordon Myers
1977 Undefeated Team
Calvin Thompson
Bob Schellenberg
Larry Hall
1992 State Champion Team
Dr. Anthony Colistra
50 Years of CV Football
Ken Kramer
Scott Carmody
Robert Wolf
Lois Wolf
Bob “Doc” Miller
Liz Rimpfel

Don Heiges

Carol & Bill Brown

Harold Swidler

Dennis (Denny) L. Wise

Harold (Butch) Bricker

​Bud Shaffner

​Tim Cramer

Levi coached football for the Eagles from 2004 (Junior High, JV and Varsity Teams) through 2018.  As a player's coach, he always treated his job as a chance to have some fun with both players... and coaches.  Levi is passionate, proud and a true CV lifer.  

While learning from legendary Coach Tim Rimpfel, Levi earned opportunities to achieve lifetime aspirations by showing his dedication to Cumberland Valley.  He is proud of the hundreds of athletes he worked with who are now great men.

Levi has been teaching at CV for 20 years and is currently the head baseball coach.  He is also the proud dad of Hayven, Molly and Faye and loving husband to his wife, Sarah.  As Levi puts it, “As a young boy I decided my life would be at Cumberland Valley and I am so proud that it is… I love Cumberland Valley!”

2022 Hall of Fame Inductees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Anyone may nominate a CV Football Alumni or Coach for consideration for induction into the CV Football Hall of Fame.  All players must have graduated at least five (5) years prior and coaches may no longer be coaching at Cumberland Valley.  CLICK HERE   for a nomination form, pick one up at the CV Athletic Office, or submit your online nomination below.

Tyler Heisey

#35 Class of 2014