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The purpose of the CVFAA is to:

  • Provide financial resources to support the  Cumberland Valley High School football program
  • Develop and encourage participation in various alumni programs and activities.
  • Cooperate with Cumberland Valley High School and its foundation to promote, encourage, and improve the football program.

Promotion of CV football is accomplished through our annual CVFAA newsletter, maintenance of the website, support of CV football broadcasts, and announcements from our CVFAA Facebook . CV football history is documented in our 50th anniversary booklet and supplement which is provided to every CV football senior.  Each year we host the CV football social where new hall of fame members, the 50th anniversary team, and our special recognition honoree are featured. 

Financial assistance is sustained by donations received from CV football alumni, corporate sponsors, and friends of the CV football program.  2022 sustaining contributors are:

Other fund raising activities are being scheduled.  Check our website for upcoming events and to see our complete list of sponsors... which we encourage you to acknowledge, support, and join with them in contributing. Monies raised by CVFAA are returned to the CV football program including several scholarships to deserving seniors.

The Cumberland Valley community continues to mourn the loss of one of their own. Tyler Updegraff, 27, CV class of 2014, died in a skiing accident Thursday January 26th in Colorado at the Makaha Terrain Park at Snowmass Ski Area. 

Tyler was living in Silverthorn, where he was a strength and conditioning coach for many of the football team’s student-athletes at Summit High School, and led the “Healthy Choices” class at Summit Middle School.

Collin Williams, who previously coached alongside Tyler, called him one of the “truly good people” he had known.  “He was dedicating his life to making an impact with kids and I can tell you, in the short time I witnessed it, no one made a bigger impact. I never saw him without a smile,” Williams said. “He treated my son like he was his own. He was impactful enough that my little man asked if he could say a prayer for Tyler last night. My son is six years old.”

Helping others always was part of Tyler Updegraff’s unique path.  “I’ve talked to a lot of my coaches and friends about Tyler. He always lived life to the fullest. He was never afraid to go on an adventure,” said former CV teammate and close friend Tyler Heisey. “The second thing I would say is that he was someone who was always there for you. He helped anyone. He had your back. He was your brother, and that’s something I will always think about.  Lots of us admired Tyler for chasing every opportunity to better himself and fulfill his dream of traveling the world.”

After a brilliant football career at Cumberland Valley, Tyler matriculated to Drake University in Des Moines, IA, to continue his playing career where he totaled 127 carries for 458 yards and four touchdowns in his career. Tyler took advantage of Drake’s Teach in China program, and earned earn his degree in Business Administration.  “He went away to Drake to pursue his dreams of playing college football. After he graduated, he moved to China for about two years and was teaching English as a second language,” Heisey said.  “He came back and moved to Colorado and was also coaching high school football. He wanted to be out West, and I’m so proud of Tyler for doing that with his life. He’s just a guy that everyone always looked up to,” Heisey said. “I want people who didn’t meet him to know what an amazing guy he was.”

Former Cumberland Valley football coach Mike Whitehead Jr. remembered Tyler as a tenacious player and strong leader.  “This is just a tragedy and such heartbreaking news. Tyler was what you think of when you talk about a CV football player,” Whitehead said.  “He excelled both on the field and in the classroom. His senior year was my first as head coach, and the first thing I think about is how hardworking and intense he was as a player. At the same time, he always had a smile on his face.”

For Whitehead’s Eagles, Tyler Updegraff was a standout two-way player that accounted for 1,565 all-purpose yards and scored 14 touchdowns as a senior.  He doubled at cornerback, collecting 34 tackles and three interceptions. Tyler was an honorable mention All-State pick as a kick returner during this junior campaign.

In 2019, Tyler was inducted into the Cumberland Valley Football Alumni Hall of Fame. “Tyler was a great kid and leader on and off the field,” said Cumberland Valley athletic director Mike Craig.  “We offer our condolences to his family and friends. We are devasted to hear the news of his passing.”








Known as the Cumberland Valley Football Alumni Association (CVFAA), we are an independent association having the support of the Cumberland Valley administration, the athletic department, and the football coaching staff. 

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The Cumberland Valley Football Alumni Association works hard to raise funds to support CV Football... and personal donations are part of how monies are acquired.  You can help by donating to the CVFAA anytime... 

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From our inception in 1992, the mission of the CVFAA has been to support and promote the CV football program, to keep CV football alumni informed and involved, and to encourage alumni participation in CV football activities.  


Hall of Fame INDUCTEES

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Tyler Updegraff (Class of 2014) Dies in Ski Accident in Colorado


President... Clint Coldren '73

Vice President... Darrell McMillan '70

Secretary... Larry Wentz '68

Assistant Secretary... Dan Jameson '00

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