1st Prize:  $10,000:  Dan Jameson  (ticket #233)

2nd Prize:  $2,000:  Anne Sauve`  (ticket #070)

3rd Prize:  $1,000:  Anna Sgrignoli  (ticket #075)

4th Prize:  $1,000:  Sharon Shank  (ticket #057)

5th Prize:  $1,000 :  Rick Cantor  (ticket #032)

Known as the Cumberland Valley Football Alumni Association (CVFAA), we are an independent association having the support of the Cumberland Valley administration, the athletic department, and the football coaching staff. 

From our inception in 1992, the mission of the CVFAA has been to support and promote the CV football program, to keep CV football alumni informed and involved, and to encourage alumni participation in CV football activities.  

Tickets for 2017-2018 300 CLUB

are now available for purchase

$100 each



Big RED Golf Outing

CV's Kevin Snyder moved to Denver Bronco's active roster - story on CV Football News page

DONATIONS...The CVFAA welcomes all donations in support of Cumberland Valley Football.  Go to the Sponsors page to donate to the CVFAA.


The purpose of the CVFAA is to:

  • Provide financial resources to support the  Cumberland Valley High School football program
  • Develop and encourage participation in various alumni programs and activities.
  • Cooperate with Cumberland Valley High School and its foundation to promote, encourage, and improve the football program.

Promotion of CV football is accomplished through our annual CVFAA newsletter, maintenance of the www.cvfaa.org website, support of CV football broadcasts, and announcements from our CVFAA Facebook and twitter accounts. CV football history is documented in our 50th anniversary booklet and supplement which is provided to every CV football senior.  Each year we host the CV football social where new hall of fame members, the 50th anniversary team, and our special recognition honoree are featured. 

Financial assistance is sustained by donations received from CV football alumni, corporate sponsors, and friends of the CV football program.  2017 sustaining contributors are:

... Mike Craig

... Mike Whitehead

... Bob Shellenberg

... Jon Ritchie

... Scott Warren

... Nicole Homovich

Join us on Facebook and

keep up to date with all the news

...and follow us on twitter @cvfaa



Tim Cramer '78

Tom Page '78

Dirk Madison '88

Erik Sauve` '90

Jim Lawlor '97

Andy Casale '05


Ken Sgrignoli '58

Buck Mentzer '60

Larry Wentz '68

Dave Bretz '72

Jim Rich '72

Daryl Gochenaur '73

Mark Meabon '73


and the 2016-2017 winners are...

Other fund raising activities are being scheduled.  Check our website for upcoming events and to see our complete list of sponsors... which we encourage you to acknowledge, support, and join with them in contributing. Monies raised by CVFAA are returned to the CV football program including several scholarships to deserving seniors.

VARSITY, JV & 9th grade 2017 Schedule see CV Football page

Game info and other articles see CV Football News page

CV Athletic Director

CV Head Football Coach

Hall of Fame Committee Chair

CVFAA Spokesman

Special Contributor

CV Football Boosters President

... Clint Coldren '73

... Jeremy Sauve` '96

... Rod Coy '78

... Dan Jameson '00

... Bill Brown '69



Vice President


Assistant Secretary